Guest Post Prices for SEO Purpose in medNutrition

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If you want to boost the SEO of your website, one quest post at is one of the best choices.

We are the first Nutrition portal in Greece and Cyprus, with high quality content from qualified nutritionists with over 350,000 users from "organic" traffic

Guest Post Prices

If the article is about bet, casino or CBD and has only one backlink (your clients), prices are as follows:

  • 350 euro for one year
  • 750 euro permanent

If the article has more backlinks except bet, casino or CBD (one or two) beside your client’s site add + 100 euro per link to the prices above.

Specs to know

  • The article is not marked as sponsored and gets indexed on google and has do-follow backlinks.
  • Also, it has to be in Greek and it also needs to be original, with a valuable content for medNutrition visitors (unique content with over 450 words).
  • Keep in mind that we only accept one (1) guest post with the above topic per 4 months.

Content Post

If the guest post is not related to bet, casino or CBD, send an email to and state specifically what you want.

Example: My site is and I would like to place an article about health and nutrition containing 2 backlinks where one is an anchor text on the keyword “heart”.

Prices for a normal guest posts starts from 300 euros.